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  • Y4J's COVID Response covered by The Better India

    In a news report from 2019, a recruitment platform shares how only 34 lakh of the 1.34 crore persons with disabilities of employable age have a job in India. That amounts to a rate of over 70% unemployment. The same graph is bleaker when it comes to rural areas.

    “Although all our operations shut, we knew that we had to continue working to help those who were at their most vulnerable.”

    This program is meant to help the underemployed and undereducated community of PWDs in India knit a safety net of survival in a post COVID-19 world and the organisation made sure to spread the word through several social media platforms and organizations.

    Once word was out in social media, the Y4J team began to receive calls from Bihar or Agartala, among others, but the challenge was to address the issues of low bandwidth and connectivity.

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