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"Volunteers are not paid - not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless"Many of us volunteer not because we are made to but because we have heart to do it, just to give back our part to the society which has contributed much for our growth. Volunteering is not just confined to certain group likes students ,house wife’s, retired people or people with certain educational background. Its just sharing our part and having the willingness to help.

Here are opportunities to make a difference! Choose your area of interest and start by registering with us. Individuals OR companies for CSR who are interested in volunteering are requested to mail to  info@youth4jobs.org

Volunteering Opportunities

One day activity on Weekends

  • Interview mock sessions
  • CV writing
  • Role model sessions
  • One day training for candidates

Once a month regular Programs

  • Registration
  • Company environment and corporate behaviour

Weekly / Weekend Regular Program

  • Counselling
  • Case study
  • Retention
  • Computer training
  • English training
  • Data entry/EPR
  • Company environment and corporate behaviour
  • Workshops
  • Sign Language Interpretation
  • Peer Sensitisation