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Tech Connect

Investing in technology, particularly assistive tech, both has a transformative impact on people’s wellbeing and makes sound economic sense for funders and governments. It is the right thing and the smart thing to do.
Providing Assistive Technology to all who need it would considerably improve the quality of life for countless persons with disability. Whether it is a wheelchair, a prosthetic limb, a hearing aid or a pair of eyeglasses, these allow children to play, adults to work and travel, and can reduce loneliness and isolation. Over a billion people can live more social lives through access to the right assistive technology.

Our Commitment to Technology


  • Youth4Jobs has invested in "AI Triggered" and other Technological Partners
  • We also work with Corporates and Educators by sensitizing them and educating them on the various with Assistive Technologies that exist and how they can be utizlised to effectively educate students and hire employees.