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Success Stories

Success Stories

Kiran Maurya | Samsung

Kiran Maurya is lively and witty. She and her family originally hail from a village in Bihar. Being visually impaired she was confined to the four walls of her home. Though she wanted to pursue education she was forbidden by her conservative family and told to sit at home quietly. Her father was the only breadwinner of the family while her mother was a housewife. Her siblings were also engaged in daily wage labour. Kiran wanted to help her family financially however nobody trusted her in her .

Place: Hyderabad
Type of Disability: Visual Impairment
Company: Samsung

Lulu Behmanshah | Quess Corp Limited (J. P. Morgan)

Lulu Behmanshah was only a year old she was adopted from an orphanage. She was found abandoned on the railway tracks with injuries that led to her locomotor impairment.


Place: Hyderabad
Type of Disability: Locomotor impairment – Wheelchair User
Company: Quess Corp Limited (J. P. Morgan)

KARAN | Soda bottle opener wala

Karan is from Nirmal District in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. He has 1 brother and 1 sister. His siblings are persons with non-disability.

Their family occupation is farming. His brother supports his father in farming. Their family income is 25,000/- per year which is erratic, as the farms are only rain fed.

A Youth4Jobs alumni, who was also Karan’s’ friend advised him to join Youth4Jobs foundation 2 months training program through which he had got a j.

Place: Hyderabad
Type of Disability: Speech and Hearing Disability
Company: Soda bottle opener wala