KARAN | Soda bottle opener wala

Karan is from Nirmal District in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. He has 1 brother and 1 sister. His siblings are persons with non-disability.

Their family occupation is farming. His brother supports his father in farming. Their family income is 25,000/- per year which is erratic, as the farms are only rain fed.

A Youth4Jobs alumni, who was also Karan’s’ friend advised him to join Youth4Jobs foundation 2 months training program through which he had got a job.

After completion of training program, Youth4Jobs placed him in Soda bottle opener wala- A Indian chain restaurant in Hyderabad with the salary of 144,000/- annually as a customer service associate.

According to Karan: “The work is good. I am getting good support from the colleagues. I am liking the job. It really feels good when customer and my supervisor appreciate me.”

Karan is happy that long last he is now able to support family financially. He sends home half his salary and the family uses this for medical expenditure and eat better; he also manages to save Rs.1500 monthly as he gets a lot of tips. He enjoys working in the restaurant as he enjoys meeting new people.

His Manager says,” Karan is the star performer of this restaurant. He comes on time, do his work, maintains good relationship with colleagues and supervisors. He is polite and focused in his work. We would really like to see him growing with us in our company. “

According to Karan,” People think deaf cannot do jobs. But we are good workers. We have skills. We can perform any task well.” He adds, “There are lot of unemployed deaf. Youth4jobs should tell deaf community the importance of getting a job.”