Kiran Maurya | Samsung

Kiran Maurya is lively and witty. She and her family originally hail from a village in Bihar. Being visually impaired she was confined to the four walls of her home. Though she wanted to pursue education she was forbidden by her conservative family and told to sit at home quietly. Her father was the only breadwinner of the family while her mother was a housewife. Her siblings were also engaged in daily wage labour. Kiran wanted to help her family financially however nobody trusted her in her capability owing to her visual impairment. Kiran ended up in making ropes for meagre wages. Being ambitious and very determined she decided to look for opportunities elsewhere. When she learned about Youth4Jobs' Job-linked training programme Kiran made up her mind to enrol without delay. Her family however refused to support her. Being fiercely independent Kiran decided to commute to and from the Training Center all by herself for the duration of her 2 month training. Her personality charmed everyone she met who was amazed at her positivity. Her love of poetry was evident in her ability to keep witty couplets on hand for all situations. Her charm, positivity and determination helped her secure a job at D'Mart where she worked as a Customer Sales Associate with an annual salary of nearly 1 lakh rupees. The ever determined and ambitious Kiran then took the bold step and switched to Samsung as a telecaller with an annual salary of nearly 2 lakh rupees (double her last salary). "During the interview they asked me if I would be able to meet my targets. I told them that I can meet my targets. I said 'Don't worry I am smart.'" Kiran recalls with a chuckle. Kiran earns now a princely salary in Surat. From being told to sit at home quietly, she is now the darling of the family as her father is out of a job. She is now the primary earner in her family and taking care of the entire family single-handedly.