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Annual Report of Youth4Jobs 2017-18 Down Load
Annual Report of Youth4Jobs 2016-17 Down Load
Annual Report of Youth4Jobs 2015-16 Down Load
“Road to Inclusion – Integrating PwDs in Organizations” White Paper by Y4J and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Down Load
Youth4Jobs Report 2012-2015 Down Load
Developing Women's Skills For Improving Economic Prospects Down Load
Disabled Youth Get Quality Jobs - Stanford Social Innovation Review Down Load
Harvard Business Review Blog Network Down Load
Persons With Disability & The Indian Labour Market: Challenges And Opportunities Down Load
Sensitization Training To Build Inclusive Workforce Down Load
EGMM:Assessment of Impact on Rural Girls Down Load
Investment in Youth Reduces Poverty: Evalution of Job Training Program Down Load
The Sentinels of Hope Down Load