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In India, among the disabled population the visually-impaired community happens to be the most educated. However, the irony is that even though many of the visually-impaired people are graduates and even post-graduates, the education is not helping them find jobs. Their inability to use computers has been identified as a main gap that comes in the way of getting jobs.

The project aims to develop English language, Digital Literacy and skill development alongside nurturing perspective, knowledge and opportunities tailored individually for each student with disability. The other areas of intervention are life-skills training, Exposure visits, soft skills, mentorship and orienting to the job market. It would be unfair to expect children with disabilities to grasp concepts and learn computer operations and other life skills short term courses. A more wholistic approach is needed to ensure they are more receptive and are able to remain in school and pursue higher education.

Y4J has adopted two schools in Hyderabad: Govt. High School for Girls with Visual Impairment and Govt. High School for Boys with Speech and Hearing Impairment.

Target Group / Beneficiaries
Children with disability (speech and Hearing impairment and visual impairment) studying from Class VI to Class X



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