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Partnership Connect

Partnership Connect

Government machinery plays a dominant role in supporting Youth4Jobs, pan India, with the vision to create a better future for youth with disabilities, since they are a vulnerable, neglected segment of society
Government machinery includes the vast bureaucratic establishment, peoples' institutions, and government promoted development agencies. They continue to support us in micro/local level intervention, which are planned at macro-level for the benefit of large sections of people with disabilities spread over every corner of the country.
• State governments invite Youth4Jobs to set up a job linked skilling centre in their state e.g. Patna (Bihar), Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
• State governments, whether through large poverty alleviation projects or line departments have enabled Youth4Jobs to reach out to the remote villages, thus increasing disability awareness. More than 1800+ special camps have been organised from the year of inception to benefit the youth. The reach out to villages are increasing by more than 10% year over year.
• District Collectors join hands with us to invite MSMEs and local industry to help skill and absorb youth with disabilities e.g. Udipi in Karnataka, Mahboobnagar, Utnoor in Telangana
Partnership Connect