In School Program

A successful model developed by Youth 4 Jobs for underprivileged schools

Underprivileged Schools

An innovative program "Communication and Soft Skills" was launched in 2008 in association with Andhra Pradesh Government's Social Welfare High Schools for the SC/ST. This pioneering public-private-partnership model aimed for the following outcomes

  • Develop employability skills at the school level
  • Raise awareness about various career options
  • Ensure more SC/ST students complete high school and enroll into better institutes of higher learning
  • The program started in 2008 with the needs assessment which was done by British Council in two schools for students in class 11th & 12th
  • Vernacular Medium
  • English Medium Schools

The following were the steps taken

  • Developed a 200 hrs course curriculum on " Communication and Soft Skills" in partnership with British Council.
  • Created audio-visual teaching aids for effective learning and trained the government teachers and school principals
  • Developed a Quality Control Team to visit the schools every fortnightly
  • Covered 112 high schools with 15,000 students benefiting every year, at the end of the course the students also appeared for Cambridge Certification


  • SC/ST students developed employability skills along with major improvement in English and enrolled into better institutes of higher learning
  • Now other State Governments are replicating the model

What the Students, Teachers and Principals say about the program


  • "Learning is fun with lots of activities and games"
  • I learned computers
  • Though i am an SC, my self-esteem improved
  • I am more confident in appearing for competitive exams
  • I also got a Cambridge Certificate

    - B.Sujatha, Student of AP Social Welfare School


  • My school’s prestige increased and this will encourage more parents to enroll their children", - Mr. Irfan, Principal, Kurnool AP Social Welfare School
  • The program became demand driven
  • Teachers transfered this methodology to regular lessons
  • Better student-teacher relationship including focus on the needy students
  • "Now I have learned to use technology aids in my classroom"- Ms. Jaqulin, Teacher, Warangal AP Social Welfare School says


  • Students
  • Family
  • Teacher / Principal
  • Teacher / Principal

Objectives of the Program: All Four Stakeholders

For Students

  • Develop employability skills like English, Soft Skills, Goal Setting, Career Management, etc..,
  • Help them to get into English medium, better institutions o f higher learning
  • Teach them Values and Morals
  • Gain Self esteem, Self confidence and feel empowered
  • Develop other important life skills like problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills and creativity skills
  • Gain international certification like Cambridge ESOL

For Teachers

  • Improved student-teacher rapport
  • Learn to use new participatory pedagogy and technology as tool for effective learning Transform from a teacher to a change agent/leader
  • Add value to self and pursue for international certification

For Teachers

  • Better education for children
  • Long term benefit and competitive advantage
  • Clear path to eradicate poverty by better employment with improved education

For Company

  • Impact on the community
  • Long term benefit
  • Achievement of CSR goals

Design of the Program

The Program is designed in a very holistic way looking at overall development of the school. It operates at three levels:

  • School Management Level - Head Master/Principal
  • Teacher Level
  • Student Level

Head Master/Principal

  • Orientation Workshop
  • Leadership Development
  • School Improvement Strategy


  • Effective teaching practices
  • Use of technology in education
  • Mentorship development
  • Self development


  • Communication & Soft skills program
  • Develop confidence, self-esteem, language, etc.
  • Build values and morals
  • Leadership development
  • Enrolment in higher education because of improvement in English language
  • Career counselling
  • One day orientation program
  • Continuous hand holding for school improvement
  • 7 Days Teacher Training Program (TTP) for all teachers
  • 4 Days additional training for English teachers
  • Refresher courses every 6 months
  • Continuous hand holding
  • Go through a 200hrs course curriculum
  • Involved in various learning activities
  • Undertake responsibilities
  • Continuous monitoring of the progress in them
  • Class 6th – 09th
  • All Mediums


Y4J will handhold the program for three years and makes it sustainable in the school in the following way

(Inception Period)
(Streamline with regular course)


(Becoming a Role Model)

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
In this year considerable time will be spent on teacher development and initiating the program During the second year program will be streamlined with the regular course Third year will be the year of exit where the school reaches the level of required competence