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Corporate Connect

Corporate Connect

Youth4Jobs is a one-stop shop for companies. It has a pipeline of trained less educated and educated youth with disabilities. And works closely with the companies, rendering a bouquet of services, to help the companies begin or strengthen their inclusion journey. This scale and availability of a hitherto untapped labour pool makes it attractive for companies with national presence to partner with Y4J.

Most companies need support to onboard youth with disabilities and ensure they benefit from hiring this new labor pool. Youth4Jobs works with companies at multi-levels levels, based on its hands-on experiencing of working with youth with disabilities and assessing needs of companies. The services have been designed based on requests of companies and finetuned with feedback received in the various sessions. Youth4Jobs has a dedicated team called “Corporate Connect” which is dedicated to building partnerships with companies and delivering these services. Its cutting- edge work with companies is critical to the whole value chain of getting an unemployed youth with disability linked to his first job. And preparing the company for onboarding the youth with disability so that he has an equal opportunity to be productive. These services are critical to ensure companies experience the business case of hiring youth with disability so that inclusion is sustained and seamless. Industry associations and Sector Skill Councils of NSDC also partner with Youth4Jobs to sensitize their members.



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