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Art Connect Not Just Art

Not Just Art is a digital platform created to support visual artists with disabilities in India and promote their work to a global audience of art lovers, collectors, museums, and galleries. Our community of artists produces some of the best contemporary visual art that India has to offer. We aim to showcase their talents and bring them into the mainstream art world, using technology to broaden our reach and create an inclusive global art community. Along the way, we introduce the benefits of art to children and youth with disabilities through art workshops held in schools and community centers.

People with disabilities in India are underserved, suffering from inaccessible environmental conditions, a lack of social and medical services, and pervasive stigma. It can be difficult for artists with disabilities to transcend these systemic barriers and focus on their passions—and even more difficult to earn a living from them. We hope to support artists with disabilities find sustained livelihoods, as we have done in our core work of skilling and job placements for youth with disability.



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