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The RPwD Act recognizes 21 disabilities, To cater to the diverse needs of People wit Disabilities Youth4Jobs is investing time and resources in certain Startups that fulfill those needs such as:


Not Just Art Global:


The objective of NJA is to tap into the pool of outstanding artist with disabilities. Art holds powerful meaning in the lives of these artists and they do not have any formal channels to showcase and advance their art work especially now due to the ravages of Covid 19 Pandemic.

Over the past year NJA has supported artists with disabilities by organizing a Display cum Sales Virtual Art Exhibition which featured 13 artists with disabilities from across India. The art expo led to much needed exposure for the artists with the sales helping them create livelihood opportunities, nurture their self- esteem and earn recognition for their work.

NJA has previously conducted a physical Display cum Sales Art Expo with Shell (Bengaluru) and conducted the first-of-its-kind Discovering Ability Disability Art Awards in partnership with UNESCO in New Delhi. The first edition of the ‘Discovering Ability’ Art Awards took place on Monday 4 November 2019 at the UNESCO Auditorium in New Delhi. In partnership with UNESCO and HSBC.


Atypical Advantage:


Atypical Advantage is India’s largest inclusive platform to generate livelihood for persons with disabilities ‘A single good intention can set history in motion. Similarly, Atypical Advantage was born from the sole desire of empowering Persons with Disabilities and getting them the opportunities that they truly deserve. We went live on 11th December 2020 and have been organically growing (in love, size and revenues) ever since. With our platform anyone can Hire individuals, Book performing Artists , Buy Artwork, Avail Services, Shop at our store or Volunteer. Every time anyone takes a step further with us, we get closer to the ultimate goal of creating more equitable world for Persons with disabilities.