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Securing Jobs for Graduates with disabilities.

India census report 2016 report more than 1 in 4 children (27% of the disabled population) with disabilities have never attended any schools and 12% of the disabled have dropped out. Only 8% of the disabled population have secured a graduate degree and less than 1% of the seats in the higher education institutions are filled with persons with disabilities as against 5% reservation mandated by the government. Few people are graduating. 

Around 50% of the PwDs are in the employable age but only between 1 to 2 % of them are employed in organized sectors. Around 80% of them are working in unorganized sectors where the income is unpredictable, and the workplace is not disabled-friendly. Multinational organizations are interested in hiring this untapped talent pool but find them unemployable

The College Connect program addresses those 2 key issues. It helps candidates acquire job-ready skills and connect them with employers. It offers domain-specific courses under various academies specializing in IT, Banking, and 21st-century skills through industry and educational institution partnerships.

The program envisions training 1100 youth every year and securing jobs for 60% of them in multi-national companies. 


    Y4J IT Academy

  • Y4J offers a dedicated IT training program for youth with disabilities. The training includes web development, coding, SQL, microservices resulting in full-stack development. Capgemini tech team provides both technical and soft skills support to the trainers and the candidates. 
  • Y4J envisions training 550 youth and securing jobs for 70% of them. At the end of the training, every successful participant will be awarded a certificate of completion by Capgemini and Youth4Job jointly. 
  • This training is meant for computer science candidates and others who are interested in coding and software development.


    Y4J Banking Academy

  • Y4J offers yet another dedicated finance and accounting training program for youth with disabilities. This is aimed at securing finance and accounting roles in the ITES and BFSI sectors. For this purpose, it is taking volunteer support from various private multinational banks such as HSBC, JP Morgan, Barclays. The training includes accounts payable, receivables, general ledger posting, BFSI principles, and soft skills.
  • Y4J envisions training 300 youth and securing jobs for 70% of them in the finance domain. Candidates from commerce and finance will benefit from this initiative. The participants will receive a course completion certificate on successful completion of the training. 
  • This is meant for commerce, finance, and economic candidates aspiring for finance or financial-related jobs in corporate companies. 


    Y4J 21st Century Skills Academy

  • Y4J offers training on Business English Communication, Soft Skills, Quantitative and Reasoning Skills training that improves the employability chances of the candidates with disabilities in the private sector companies.  These courses are offered alongside IT and Banking Academy so that the candidates have well-rounded skills as they complete their domain training such as banking or programming. The candidates will be given course completion certificates on successful completion.
  • The training is aimed at improving their mathematics, reasoning, digital, report writing, presentation, email writing, letter writing, and business etiquette skills. It also focuses on improving their workplace vocabulary.  The duration of this course is 40 hours and is spread over 40 days.


    Y4J Smart Inclusion Center

  • Youth4Jobs Foundation mainstreams youth with disabilities in higher education and employment. It is an opportunity for both students with disabilities and educators to enjoy the positives of disability inclusion at the educational institution.
  • The Smart Inclusion Center provides students with access to digital content, training, industry interaction, and placement support. 
  • The educators receive training on educating persons with disabilities, sign language, use of assistive tools, and technology that aids the teaching and learning processes at the institution. 
  • Academic institutions are required to reserve 5% of the seats for students with disabilities, nevertheless, enough students don't take admission. Smart inclusion centers help attract more students to take admission in higher education institutions thus leading to a direct increase in the number of students admitted.
  • Another key activity of a Smart Inclusion center is to sensitize employers about disability inclusion. Therefore, these centers are also responsible to identify disability-friendly organizations that are ready to provide opportunities to graduates with disabilities. This approach also helps in maintaining the relationships with employers for internship and job opportunities for youths with disabilities.


    Impact and Achievement

  • Economic impact: Since its inception in 2018, the project has trained 1154 PwD of which 1001 got recruited in 105 companies, earning an average annual income of Rs 264,000 (2.7 times of salary in cities). It has expanded PwD work choices and given them career pathways. Savings from salary was spent by youth to pay off the parents' high-interest debt, education of siblings, and health expenses. 
  • Social impact: The project has spread the message of seeing the ability in disability among 1861 educators/teachers, 2625 employers in 105 companies trained in the last three years. The message has also reached 550 school students and 1700 colleges in 7 universities. 
  • Impact studies show the project has also mainstreamed inclusive workplaces by demonstrating the economic benefits of hiring and institutionalized PwD hiring opportunities. It also renews India’s commitment to SDGs, especially Goal 8 of Decent Work and Goal 10 of Reduced Inequalities.


How to register?

The training and placement support is handled from 13 locations. We are present in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Delhi, and West Bengal. Please contact one of your nearest centers or share your resume with 



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